Church Shooting arrest in Ogden, Utah

6-25-2013 3-06-37 PM

On June 16, police said that a man suspected of shooting his father-in-law in the head during mass at a Catholic church in Ogden, Utah, Sunday was arrested after fleeing.

KSTU-TV, Salt Lake City reported that Charles Richard Jennings, 35 was apprehended without incident several hours after the shooting just before noon at St. James Catholic Church. According to the News,  Jennings needs an experienced Utah Assault Defense Attorney since he has a lengthy criminal history, including felony domestic violence and drug possession charges.

The victim was hospitalized in critical but stable condition, and no other injuries have been reported. Ogden police said.

“This was not a random act of violence. The suspect was specific in the desired target and action,” police also said in a statement.

Authorities claim Jennings shot his father-in-law in the back of the head during the church service, then stole a man’s pickup truck at gunpoint to make his escape. The truck was found abandoned along a highway north of Ogden.

Later, a member of the congregation told the newspaper the shooting happened as parishioners were lining up to take communion and some of them dived under pews while several men chased after the shooter.

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Ex-Utah Officer turned Drug Store Robber

Maxwell Tyler Houghton was sentenced Monday in Las Vegas to three – 6 – 15 year sentences of robbery, the terms to run concurrently – meaning he will only serve one 6-15 year sentence.

Police arrested Houghton Oct. 10, after authorities say he held up a Lin’s pharmacy in Overton, Nev., and fled with painkillers. Codefendant Paulette Andrea Stoker — also a former St. George officer — was sentenced to probation last month after pleading guilty to conspiring with the robbery and being a lookout. Houghton also has been connected to other pharmacy robberies in Las Vegas, as well as crimes in Utah.

In Utah’s 5th District Court, Houghton is charged with 4 St. George business robberies in July and August last year. No court dates have been set in the Utah cases, that include Utah first-degree felony aggravated robbery and Utah second-degree felony drug possession.

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Robber Caught After Leaving Homework at Crimescene

After assaulting and robbing two elderly couples the Utah burglar left behind his backpack and a flash drive that contained his homework. The police where able to identify the robber and arrest him on Utah burglary charges.

A 75-year-old man and his wife reported their home had been burglarized early Saturday. The husband says he was woken up by a light in his office, and found a man who was looking through a desk. The suspect punched the man and fled on foot. Police say that Naljahih was found asleep at his house along with evidence connecting him with the burglary.

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School Secretary Arrested for Having Sex with Teen

Montreia Barney a junior high school secretary in Utah has been charged with third degree felony for sex with a minor.

Barney nor her Utah sex crimes defense attorney have made any statements. Barney is accused of engaging in sex acts with him outside a Mormon church and in phone sex. At the time, Barney was 47 and the student was a 16-year-old high s

chool student. Police got involved after the boy told a church leader about his relationship with Barney. Prosecutors say Barney was working at Mt.Nebo Jr. High School in 2010 when she befriended a boy who returned to his former school to visit friends.

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Murder Suspect Brothers Arrested in Salt Lake Utah

Brian James Bess, 23, and Jonathan Alexander Bess, 20, were found near a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City Utah – both are now booked into the Salt Lake County jail on suspicion of being fugitives. Both brothers are suspected of killing a San Jose man last month and will eventually face Utah Murder Charges.

Brian and Jonathan are wanted in connection with the April 27th stabbing death of Joseph Cotta, a 51 year old man whose family said he was living at the house on Cleveland Ave when he was killed.  No statement has been made by the brothers Utah criminal defense attorney or by the brothers themselves.

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