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Long Divorce ends up in Murder- Suicide

7-24-2013 7-09-53 PMA divorced couple was found dead in Salt Lake City. Police say that the man had a self- inflicted gunshot wound which makes it look like a murder-suicide.

Debbie Eatchel was married to Calvin Eatchel until she filed for divorce in 2007. Her Utah Divorce Attorney, Orson West Jr., said that “Calvin certainly hated Debbie,” and that “He said she would never get a dime out of him.”

West, who was Debbie’s attorney during her six year old divorce case, stated that Calvin was quarrelsome and unwilling to cooperate and pay alimony and he certainly did not expect this tragedy to happen.  Her attorney continues to say that Debbie had a protective order against Calvin for a previous domestic violence incident, but she did not seem afraid of him.

Debbie had custody of the children and she has been taking care of them on her own since Calvin would not give her any monetary support.   Debbie just remarried on July 1st. and now her new husband  has to make funerary arrangements.  Devastated, he  is asking for help to pay for expenses.

Donations are being accepted at First National Bank on Debbie Eatchel or Debbie Vaughn’s name.


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Utah Police Officer was harmed during an arrest

7-24-2013 5-52-25 PMOn Tuesday, Utah veteran officer Jason Thomas was attacked by the man he was arresting. Fortunately, having no serious injuries he was sent home to recover.

Logan Sawyer, 30, was taken into custody by officer Thomas, on drug charges including possession of marijuana, possession of methamphetamine and intoxication which could lead to  a long time in jail without a Utah Drug Possession Defense Lawyer’s representation.

Since Sawyer was intoxicated during  the arrest, he needed to be cleared at the local hospital so his handcuffs had been removed.  While Thomas was trying to put them back on, Sawyer started assaulting the officer by hitting, kicking and biting him in an attempt to take his gun. The attacked officer ended up with a mild concussion, as well as contusions and abrasions. He is expected to return to work in a week.

The attack on a police officer cost Sawyer a bunch of other charges on top of the drug possession allegations.


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Source: http://www.abc4.com/content/news/top_stories/story/Officer-injured-while-making-arrest/70LBIZtI3UKEfS7-zzV-1A.cspx

Utah Police Authorities Arrest a Murder Suspect

7-24-2013 4-54-09 PMTwenty years old man named Vilisoni Angilau,  was arrested by Salt Lake City Police Department, Utah on Tuesday night for killing Sione Fakatoufifita, 19 years of age, earlier this year.

Law enforcement said that on April 13, 2013 Angilau and a few other gang members chased Fakatoufifita through Glendale and shot him several times at the Maverik Convenience Store at 1680 S. Redwood Rd.  The gun shots were fatal. Angilau was arrested and may be appointed a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney.

He  is now locked into the Salt Lake County Jail on murder and obstruction of justice charges.


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Read More: http://www.abc4.com/content/news/top_stories/story/SLCPD-make-arrest-in-homicide-case/k6euUymgK0qf27eoaGI78g.cspx




Police Arrest A Suspect In Utah For Murder in Rigby

7-17-2013 8-24-06 AMKIFI-TV announces an Idaho Falls man who was wanted for questioning  relating to a deadly shooting in the Rigby area was arrested late Sunday night in Utah, Iron County.  He faces charges of second-degree murder and is being held on a $750,000 bond.

The Jefferson County sheriff got a tip that Emmanuel Jesus Granados, 23, he had embarked a bus in Salt Lake City.

The Iron County Sheriff’s Office claimed Granados was arrested around 10:45 p.m. in Parowan City, Utah, north of Cedar City, but not information is released on the circumstances of his arrest of if he already is represented by a Utah Murder Defense Lawyer.

Granados was wanted in the deadly shooting of 22-year-old Fermin Lemus of Madison County, who was shot several times while he was participating at a Quinceañera on East 200 North in the Rigby area right before 1 a.m. Sunday.

Deputies reported that two men showed up at the celebration, where they accosted Lemus. Later, they went to a nearby parking lot where the shooting happened in spite of the fact that private security tried to break the fight up. Then a man pulled a gun and fired several times at the victim then fled the scene into a 1990 blue Nissan. Granados’ s partner, Juan Lopez, was taken to  Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center to be treated of a knife wound.

Lemus was pronounced dead at the scene.
Emmanuel Jesus Granados, whose picture is attached to this article, is wanted for interrogation in connection with the shooting and will be extradited.
If you see Granados, contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 745-9210.
An autopsy will be performed, and the investigation is ongoing with no other suspects at this time.

Read more: http://www.kmvt.com/news/latest/215540741.html


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Arguing about finances is the main predictor of divorce

7-17-2013 8-05-28 AMA new study shows that arguing about money is the main predictor of divorce and that couples who keep fighting about finances may have a difficult road ahead. Jeffrey Dew, the study’s lead author, says that couples may have their own established ideas about how much money should be spent, and those ideas can cause  arguments.  Dew, an associate professor of family, consumer and human development at Utah State University, told CTVNews.ca  “We all have our own different ideas about what’s really, really important to use money for.”

Sonya Britt, the co-author, said even though all couples fight about different issues, fighting about finances is “by far” the top predictor of divorce and most likely Utah Divorce Attorneys may be necessary during this process. “When spouses fight about money, they might be attacking each other’s deeply held beliefs about money.””It’s not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It’s money — for both men and women,” Britt said.

The study called “Examining the Relationship Between Financial Issues and Divorce,” and published in the Family Relations journal, involved more than 4,500 couples as part of the U.S.-based National Survey of Families and Households.
Researchers reviewed information linked to what couples argue about – including children, money, in-laws, sex and spending time together – and then looked upon at those couples who were divorced four to five years later.
Dew found that for men, arguments about money were the only predictor of divorce, and “for women, it was arguments about money and arguments about sex,”  “but arguments about money was the stronger predictor there.”
“One spouse might think the best thing to do with money is gain status — buy the really nice luxury car, wear the really nice suits,”

Dew said. “The other spouse may think that money might be best spent on security, maybe putting a lot of money into a retirement fund or paying off their mortgage earlier.”
Dew believes arguments about money could also have other concealed issues.
“Maybe one spouse feels like they have less power in a relationship than the other,” he said. “They bring up the money as part of a way to fight about power and decision making.”
Britt found that it takes couples more time to overcome arguments about money compared to other arguments since couples tend to use harsher language and the fights last longer.
The study showed relationships are greatly affected by these kind of arguments, especially if they start early. Britt recommends that couples who find themselves fighting over finances ask for help from a financial planner before looking up divorce attorneys.

Dew said the study stresses the importance  for couples to have a serious conversation about finances and reach an agreement on certain goals for their money.

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Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/fighting-over-money-is-a-top-predictor-of-divorce-study-shows-1.1369392#ixzz2ZJMvrdzS

Law enforcement arrest three Wyoming residents for kidnapping in Utah


7-8-2013 7-02-54 PMLaw enforcement arrested three people and booked them in the Sweetwater County Detention Center,  for kidnapping an 8-year-old girl from a summer camp managed by a Utah school district.

Tessa Mounts, Mary Marsh and Arlee Smith are each charged in Utah’s 4th District Court with child kidnapping, a first-degree felony, and custodial interference, a second-degree felony which could have been avoided if the mother would have had a Utah Child Custody Attorney Lawyer to advise her on the legality of having her daughter back.

According the incriminating documents, Mounts went to Mill Hollow Campground in Wasatch County and told an employee she was there to check her daughter out early. Legally she doesn’t have the custody of her daughter since she gave up her parental rights in 2009. The grandparents became the legal guardians.

Later, Mounts called the girl’s grandparents telling them she had taken the girl from the camp, which is ran by the Granite School District. The grandparents called the district and the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office was alerted who tried to contact Mounts with the intention of convincing her to give the child back to the grandparents.

Wasatch County deputies in collaboration with Wyoming detectives tracked Mounts to Wamsutter, Wyo., where she was living with Smith, a registered sex offender, and Marsh. They arrested all three of them and returned the girl to her grandparents.

Ben Horsley, spokesman for the Granite School District, said Mounts supplied camp employees with documents proving that she had a right to take her daughter. “We did not have the legal authority to prevent the child from being taken,” said Horsley.

He further stated that the child’s grandparents had filled out guardianship paperwork with the district but had not filled out any forms identifying the girl’s mother as someone who could not have custody of her.

Smith, 49, Marsh, 47, and Mounts, 32, are expected to be returned to Utah within the week since they waived their extradition rights.


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Read more from source: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865582816/Deputies-arrest-3-Wyoming-residents-in-Utah-kidnapping-case.html

Wanted fugitive man arrested in Salt Lake, Utah

7-8-2013 4-57-48 PMBrian Steven Platt, a 35 year old man man with criminal history in Utah was arrested after being on the run for a week. He supposedly kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and ran away from police before he broke into an elderly couple’s house to hide. He was arrested  by Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit, Utah to interrogate him on charges of kidnapping, running and resisting arrest as well as other warrants.

Court records indicate that Platt had also been arrested on several occasions for theft, aggravated assault, attempted robbery and drug possession doing time in Utah State Prison. Based on his criminal history, it appears that Platt has experience in dealing with Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys.

The Utah investigators knew that Platt was in an older Ford pickup and  they tried to pull it over. Platt attempted to escape, as he had done it before. The officers saw a woman jumping out of the car while Platt was fighting with the driver over the control of the car. Unified Police LT. Justin Hoyal said that the driver was trying to stop Platt from fleeing and that he kept both of his feet on the brake pedal.

Eventually police shot out the tires on the driver’s side of the car to prevent the vehicle from moving any farther, broke out the passenger window and sent a police dog in to get the fugitive. Then they handcuffed him and took him into custody.

Platt was treated at a local Utah hospital for dog bites before being sent to the Salt Lake County Jail.

The second woman in the truck, who knew that Platt was a wanted man, was arrested under charges of obstruction of justice for hiding Platt from the law enforcement.


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A mother’s arrest for DUI in Utah

7-8-2013 4-33-18 PMCOTTONWOOD HEIGHTS Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A mother gets arrested for DUI as her children watch.
Danielle Lucero, a young mother of two, was arrested for DUI in Cottonwood Heights, Utah in front of her children. Sgt Scott Peck of the Cottonwood Heights police department said that this is her fourth DUI arrest at 27 years old.

She was pulled over around midnight for not having headlights. The officer smelled alcohol on her breath and noticed a spilled drink on the floor. She had her two young kids in the back of the vehicle while driving intoxicated.  As the police ran her information through the data base, they found she had a history of  3 convictions of DUI and drug arrests where a Utah Drunk Driving Defense Attorney was most likely hired to represent her.
“As officer looked further into it he learned she’s alcohol restricted which means she can’t have no alcohol at all because she had prior arrests and convictions,” says Peck.

But instead of going to jail, Utah police gave Lucero a DUI ticket.  Then a relative was called to drive her and the children home.

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Source: http://www.abc4.com/content/news/slc/story/Woman-arrested-for-fourth-DUI/p4TeUuRm-kiT-7CQQq5VuA.cspx

White supremacist who killed his children’s babysitter gets stabbed in the back by his prison cellmate

7-3-2013 8-26-57 PMEric Millerberg, 37, a Utah member of the Silent Arayan Warriors, was stabbed by a fellow gang-member and cellmate on Monday. Millerberg was accused of murdering 16 year old Alexis Rasmussen with a drug overdose after having sex with her and his wife, Dea Millerberg who later testified against him on April 9th 2012.
Millerberg was stabbed several times in his cell at the maximum security prison  Uinta in Utah, but he was treated and he is expected to survive.  A Utah Murder Defense Lawyer may be selected for him while he is awaiting trial .

The spokesman said that since nobody else had access to him other than his cellmate, investigators strongly believe that Millerberg’s fellow Silent Aryan Warriors cellmate is responsible for the attack.

At the hearing, Millerberg’s wife, Dea Millerberg testified that her husband administered a fatal does of heroin and methamphetamine to the teen by injection in September 2011. It seems that Alexis was not new to drugs. One of Alexis’ friends,  also testified in April last year that both of them would sometimes go over to the Millerberg’s house to smoke drugs, and that the 36-year-old man was the one who showed them how to smoke methamphetamine out of a light bulb.

After 6 weeks of searching, with the help of a confidential tip from Eric Smith, one of Mr Millerberg’s gang members, the teens decomposed corpse was found by detective Mike Tribe kneeling face down, covered in brush. He said that her neon toe nail polish, ankle bracelets and jawline helped identify her. Utah police says that when Rasmuseen died, the couple lost their nerve and dumped her body in an isolated part of Morgan County, Utah. This adds a charge of desecration of a human body to the charges of first-degree felony child abuse murder, obstruction of justice and having illegal sexual relations with a minor.

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Source http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2355115/Eric-Millerberg-White-supremacist-killed-childrens-babysitter-overdose-heroin-stabbed-cellmate.html

False DUI arrests cause a Utah trooper to get fired

7-3-2013 8-09-35 PMIn SALT LAKE CITY a former Utah state trooper apologized and asked for her job back after she was fired for making many arrests on false DUI charges.  The Salt Lake Tribune reports that she admitted to her mistakes during an employment hearing at the Utah state Capitol, asking an administrative judge to restore her to her previous position. “I know I have the dings against me,” Steed said according to newspaper. “I screwed up, I deserve it.”

Her prior employer opposed to the reinstatement and maintained the decision for her arrest. Assistant Attorney General Yvette Donosso said Steed cut corners and demonstrated a pattern of “deception and dishonesty.” Steed produced hundreds of DUI arrests on her way to becoming the first woman to become state trooper of the year in 2007. However,  her credibility was questioned in the following years. She was dismissed from her position in November, being accused of defying department policies, tempering police reports and using questionable methods when making DUI arrests.  Many Utah DUI Attorneys have been appointed to drivers arrested under these false accusations.

Steed and her former superiors are facing a long lawsuit  in which some of those she arrested allege she filed bogus DUI reports. So far they have  two defendants, but attorney Michael Studebaker said dozens of others are lined up and willing to share their stories which could extend to a class action lawsuit.

Even though, many current and former troopers spoke on her behalf during the hearing saying that she was a hard, honest worker, Donosso said that all the good work she did all those years cannot cancel the mistakes.

Davis County District Attorney Troy Rawlings stated that Steed’s lack of credibility caused seven of her cases to be dropped and two convictions being reversed with the possibility that eight other cases to be overturned.

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Source: http://www.rgj.com/viewart/20130605/NEWS13/306050061/Utah-trooper-fired-bogus-DUI-arrests-wants-her-job-back